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​Sally (Sarina)

English / Japanese / Guitar / Basic Drums / Basic Percussion

Sally (Sarina) founded IMPACT Lab Academy in December 2019. She is a native Japanese and has made Hawaii her home and is currently living in Hawaii.


In Hawaii, she tutors in Japanese 101 and 102 classes at the Kapiolani Community College, as well as the Japanese Outreach classes found in the University of Hawaii at Manoa.


Sally also teaches English for second language learners and has experience in tutoring English at an elementary school, and teaching ESL children at a language school in Hawaii. She has studied abroad in Adelaide, Australia, as well as California and Hawaii in the U.S.


Sally’s mission is to use this platform to create a space for people around the world to connect through their diverse strengths.


Conversation English

Hi I’m Christopher, I’ve been living in Hawaii for 8 years, but I’m originally from New York City. I’m fresh out of High School going to community college. I love to dance, play string instruments, and build mopeds. I used to teach swimming and lifeguard for two years before the pandemic, now I teach dance and cook in Waikiki.

​Christian Taro Printice

Tenor Drums

Christian Prentice is a Japanese native hailing from a New Zealand ancestry. He has performed for the indoor group Oregon Crusaders Indoor in 2018 and is now marching in his home country in Fukuoka, Japan where he resides. His teaching experiences vary from high school groups to independent marching performers through the age of 16 to 22 of all skill levels. Will offer 3 types of lessons. Private face-to-face lessons (limited to anyone who is close proximity), Skype video lessons and video evaluations, which he evaluates, comments and tells you what you need to work on depending on the material he sees.

Victoria Nakayama

English / Basic Japanese

Victoria is an Asian American born and raised in Honolulu, Hawaii.  She is an attorney working and practicing in Honolulu.  Victoria graduated from Punahou School.  She went on to Stanford University where she majored in Biology and graduated with a B.S. in the biological sciences.  Victoria studied Japanese in high school and college.  After taking a break from language studies, she recently started studying Japanese through the University of Hawaii Outreach Program.  Victoria has 2 young sons who motivate her to study and work on her Japanese skills!  Victoria looks forward to working with you to exchange language skills and form a global connection with those with similar interests and goals.

Tasha Reznickcheck

English / Basic Japanese

Born on the island of O'ahu, Tasha currently calls Hawai'i her home although she’s moved around the mainland and Japan during her childhood. 


Tasha’s has a huge passion for Japan which comes from having family members whose first language is Japanese. She began studying Japanese at the Academy of the Pacific and has continued on to the University of Hawai'i at Mānoa where she will earn her Bachelor’s Degrees in both Second Language Studies and Japanese while raising a son. 


She began tutoring English back in 2013 through the Kadena American Pre-School Summer Program. In Spring of 2014, she became a leader for the Aloha Buddy Club (ABC) Program where she assisted students ranging from elementary to university with conversational English. Now she is the Chief Coordinator of the ABC Program where she met Sally, and is now very excited to have the opportunity to work with her as a mentor at IMPACT Lab Academy. 


It is Tasha’s dream to travel and bring people closer by learning about different cultures while teaching English - she hopes to make Japan or Norway her second home some time in the near future! 


Chinese (Mandarin) / English / Conversation Japanese

​Kallen Lin (林育玫 Lin yu mei) is a Taiwanese native which raised in both places Taiwan and Hawaii. She currently lives in Hawaii. She has been tutoring Chinese since 2017 in Taiwan (HelloTalk & In person). Moreover, she is a new employee for the Aloha Buddy Club, which teaches English for Japanese students in Hawaii. She has been a Chinese tutor for classes in Kapiolani Community College, and continues to teach Chinese for native american speakers and Japanese students. In 2019, she started  taking classes for Korean and she is willing to teach others Korean. She is passionate about learning different languages. Instead of speaking Chinese Mandarin, Kallen’s has other language skills including Taiwanese, English, Japanese and Korean. She is always interested in sharing and teaching languages! Recently, she is learning Cantonese and German. Furthermore, she is transfering to the University of Hawaii at Manoa 2021 spring. In addition,  she will be majoring in Linguistics.  Above all, She also has great communication skills including listening and explaining the situation from her working experiences. Her greatest strength is not only truly believing in herself, but also she has the heart of appreciation. She appreciates that many people have motivated and enlightened her. Along with this attitude, She puts myself in different positions to respect others. She loves to explore different cultures, connect with people and share languages!  







HipHop, Bboying, Lock, House などジャンルを問わずダンスの本質やカルチャー、基礎、テクニックをシェア。

Step into The Arena 2019 (Canada) 

Bboying: 1st place

Freestyle: 2nd place

Bust-down spartina dance competition (Canada)

Bboying: 1st place

Freestyle: 2nd place





​Coming soon.

Min (Minyi)

Conversation English

Minyi moved to Oahu, Hawaii in March 2020. She is originally from the city of brotherly love, Philadelphia. She graduated from Pennsylvania State University (PSU) with a degree in Health Policy and Administration. During her time as a university student, she conducted a 4pm to 6pm Monday to Friday after school program for middle-school students. She was also a Health Care Leadership Instructor at PSU, where she guided and assisted 15 students in a discussion-based classroom through semester-long projects. Minyi’s lessons are catered to the students’ goals and motivations for learning English. She believes that teaching is not what we learn, but the way we learn.

Masako Megumi

​Voice Beauty Exercise







Seiya Kudo

Snare Drums /  Drums / Percussion

小学二年生よりドラムを川手艶子氏に習い始める。中学校に入り吹奏楽部に入部、本格的にクラシック音楽を学び始めるようになる。中学3年で出場した日本ジュニア管打楽器コンクール打楽器部門にて金賞を受賞。高校入学後も吹奏楽を続ける、その傍ら、様々な楽器奏者と共演。高校2年の時、名古屋打楽器フェスティバルにて演奏、その後ルーディメンタルスネアドラマーの石川直氏の、レッスンを受けるようになる。高校三年の冬、東京と大阪にて行われた石川直氏のソロイベントに生徒代表として出演、石川直氏とマーチングスネアドラム、コンサートスネアドラムなどを使ったセッションを観客に披露した。高校卒業後の夏渡米 University of North Texas で現在一年生として音楽を学んでいる。 これまでに打楽器を川手艶子氏、小川裕雅氏、Daniel Crisp氏 Amy Xin Yin 氏に師事。スネアドラムを石川直氏に師事。打楽器講座をMark Ford 氏 Paul Rennick 氏に師事。


Chinese (Cantonese) / English Conversation / Piano / Basic Japanese

Coming soon.

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