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IMPACT Lab Academy is a worldwide skill-sharing community that helps to improve your skills with team members who have the same or similar interests.


In this academy, there is no line between teachers and students; instead, we are focused on creating an equal relationship among them to share both growth and joy together. 

This is why we call teachers as "Mentorsand students as "Menteesand all our members who are involved "Family". You will benefit from a learning community as a source of motivation, support, fun, learning in a more real-world setting, and connection through a common interest.


IMPACT Lab Academy is a worldwide community-based skill-sharing organization to share your strength to help others, ask others for help when you are in need, and treat each other like family. 


We are able to be used in not only your own country but with people from other countries. This is why, our academy is used as an International Online School to impact others regardless of age, gender, nationalities, and culture.



​About us

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